April 17, 5 PM: Commemorative Rally For Cafer I.

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Invitation To Commemorative Rally

Eight months have passed since Cafer I. was found dead in his apartment building in Esterhazygasse 6. The building owner had put increasing pressure on the tenants in the months leading up to the incident. They were supposed to move out to allow for renovations that would turn the apartments into luxury flats. Cafer I. stayed despite all harassment.

Although the circumstances of his death are still unclear, by now it is clear that criminal investigations have been seriously mishandled. Important evidence has been revealed only through the initiative and pressure from family members. Even though official and criminal investigations are ongoing (including murder, manslaughter and denial of assistance), it seems that the Cafer I. case is not a high priority for the Vienna district attorney. So far, the D.A. has not even gathered statements from all key witnesses.

We, the Stadtteilinitiative Mariahilf, invite you to a COMMEMORATIVE RALLY

Friday April 17 th 2015 / 5pm
Esterhazygasse 6, 1060 Wien

  • We demand a speedy and transparent clarification of the circumstances of this death! The investigations must not be delayed any longer!
  • This is not an isolated case! The displacement of tenants in a city with steadily rising rents is becoming increasingly prevalent – especially for economically and socially disadvantaged groups.

Housing policy should not be targeting the poor – it should fight poverty! Let’s work together for fairer housing policy and a neighborhood where there’s room for all!

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